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Learn how to better manage your risk and improve your company’s operations with our proven tools and methods.

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Accelerating ESG Impact in Mining

Learn how mining companies can integrate ESG into their operating model, scale up change, improve ESG governance, and measure impact.View full insight >

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Mining Indaba 2020

Interview with Marco Pagnini, Associate Director, Global Mining & Metals Industry, DSS, highlights industry trends and insights from a recent survey of executives. View full video >

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Mining Indaba 2020

Interview with Tatiana Zamorova, DSS, focuses on the future of technology in the mining industry. View full video >

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Drive technology and people convergence

Marco Pagnini, Global Mining Director at DSS, shared the importance of leadership at the Investing in African Mining Indaba 2020.View full insight >

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Digitalization Trends in the Mining Sector

Digital transformation is ushering in a new way of doing business in the mining industry. View full insight >

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Bolstering steel industry profits

DSS has developed a comprehensive production loss accounting (PLA) program to equip steel manufacturers. View full insight >

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Adopting a Risk Based Approach

Learn why the mining and metals industry should utilize a Management Operating System to drive focus on key risk and value drivers.View full insight >

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Operational Risks and Safety Must Top Mining Agenda

We help clients manage operational risks to prevent process related incidents and disruptions based on our real-world experience and best practices.View full insight >

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ORM Helps Execute Strategy

Learn how to effectively integrate operational risk management into business processes to help achieve desired business performance.View full insight >

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Meet the team

Marco Pagnini

Associate Director | Global Mining & Metals Industry | United Arab Emirates

Marco helps organizations integrate risk management into decision-making processes at strategic and operational levels to achieve and sustain business performance and build organizational resilience.

Scott Hastie

Director | Australia & New Zealand

Scott has over 17 years of experience leading large scale operations improvement and turnaround programs that deliver significant results across Australia, USA/Canada and Asia within the resource sector and mine services.

Wes Austerberry

Principal | Australia & New Zealand

Wes has over 15 years of consulting and line management experience where he has focused on operational improvement and transformations mostly in mining & metals (iron ore, coal, nickel, titanium uranium).

Barry Daniel

Principal | North America & Canada

Barry has over 23 years of leadership experience, specializing in performance improvement, organizational design and alignment, and supply chain cost reductions in Gold, Base Metals, Coal and Rare Earths.

Rajiv Seneviratne

Principal | Indonesia

Rajiv has 19 years of experience across Mining and Oil & Gas sectors with deep expertise in accelerated transformation, operational and commercial excellence, sustainable cost management, procurement and supply chain.

Kevin Jarvie

Principal | Asia-Pacific

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in global Operational Improvement, Strategy Development and Implementation, Business Transformation and Project Management within the Metals and Mining sector including Iron Ore, Coal, Gold, Nickel, Titanium and Zinc.

Samantha Fraser

Principal | Australia & New Zealand

Sam has 22 years of experience in sustainability, risk and compliance, with significant exposure to heavy industries. Her passion is transforming leadership and culture, to uplift risk and safety performance.

David Pereira

Principal | Latin America

David has over 20 years of experience in Mining and Oil & Gas industries, leading large transformation programs on capital projects, organizational and processes redesign, as well as digital transformation and innovation initiatives.

Marcio Amorosino

Senior Manager | Brazil

Marcio has over 20 years of experience in industrial organizations, combining both direct line management responsibilities in manufacturing, quality, processing, engineering, product development, marketing/sales and operations management consulting.