Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Implement a best-in-class risk management framework.

The chemical industry is resource-intensive in raw materials and energy use, so it’s no surprise that they’re a source of emissions and waste. This also means that the industry constantly faces external influences pressuring them to improve environmental footprint.   

These challenges come on top of process complexities which lead to opportunities to improve the use of assets and resources. At the same time, supply chain issues and ever-changing safety and sustainability regulations also affect operations’ productivity. The industry must address these hurdles while ensuring a safe way of operating its assets. At dss+, we address these challenges by combining industry knowledge, owner-operator experience and consulting expertise to provide a platform to improve operations across the spectrum.

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In Europe, the chemicals industry has a low injury frequency rate compared with other manufacturing industries, but it still records fatal accidents. Why?

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Learn practical tips that your organisation can take to manage risks and accelerate safety culture during times of uncertainty.

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This article highlights five things chemical companies need to start doing right now to stay in the game.

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Cathy Johnson
Global Director: Chemicals
Cathy has over 20 years of experience designing operations improvement programs across Europe within chemicals and manufacturing, delivering significant financial results and behavioural change.
Ian Xie
China Regional Director
Ian has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of managing operations and management consulting. He advises senior management on safety risk management, safety culture change, energy conservation, environment protection, capital effectiveness, operational excellence, and enabled workforces, and the establishment of best-in-class safety and sustainable operations.
Ken Wiesinger
North America Principal: Chemicals
Ken is a seasoned leadership advisor recognized for dramatically improving clients' business performance while building long-term capabilities within the client team. He has spanned industry and consulting over his 30+ year career.
Flavio Barros
Latin America Principal: Chemicals
Flavio has over 25 years of experience in the chemical, agrochemical, plastics and consulting businesses in areas such as six sigma, supply chain, operations and R&D. 
Oliver Gawad
Middle East & Africa Director: Chemicals, Sustainability & Economic Impact
With 20+ years of management consulting in chemicals, manufacturing and public sector, Oliver is supporting clients designing and implementing sustainability strategies as well as mastering required transformational changes in organizations for long-term success.