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The dss+ story: hear from our CEO
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Since dss+ became an independent consulting firm, we have evolved and enhanced our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients. 

Our goal is to help organisations Protect, Transform and Sustain what they care for: their people, their assets, their communities, and the competitiveness of their company for future generations. 

Protect. Transform. Sustain.

These three words guide our committed operations consulting team as they work with clients in the boardroom and on the ground. This is our privilege and purpose, allowing us to create a stronger future for the next generation.

And that’s not all. In order to enable clients to fulfill their societal and economic commitments, we: 
Zero in on performance drivers. We focus on the risks and opportunities that have the greatest impact on your people and operations, as well as your resilience and performance.  
Employ an integrated approach. Because successful transformation includes operational risk mitigation, sustainability, asset optimisation, data analytics, culture and more. 

Implement recommendations. We ensure that strategies are implemented effectively, from leadership down to the shop floor. 
Enable people. We empower all levels of your organisation through coaching and interactive learning so that they can deliver on the strategy. 
Transform cultures. We build the right mindsets and behaviours that drive sustainable transformation and continuous improvement, empowering you to evolve.  

Our heritage  

How do you stay relevant and revolutionary for more than five decades? By supporting industries with cutting-edge capabilities. That’s how we’ve stayed ahead of the curve and built long-lasting relationships with our clients.