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Sugnet Dixon explains to dss⁺ her passion for driving a zero-harm environment and the sense of purpose that brings.
Shramana Dey and Grishma Jain, members of the dss+ Sustainability Advisory team, discuss what International Women’s Day means to them.
Our 2023 African Mining Trends Report outlines our perspectives on the four main themes shaping the mining sector in Africa.
Anna Pobereznha talks to dss+ about good governance and reimagining the entire value chain as a connected global network.
Prajna Khanna, explains to dss⁺ why tech entrepreneurs in emerging economies deserve more focus.
We help oil & gas and energy organisations protect their workers & assets, transform and improve productivity, and strive for net zero.
Charmaine Riggins, CEO at Loparex, talks to dss+ about how open conversations and spending time on the shop floor offer a recipe for success.
Naseem Banu Lahri, Managing Director of Lucara Diamond, talks to dss⁺ about inclusion, creating a ripple effect and never giving up on your dreams.
Case Study
We helped a chemicals company in Asia shift to a customer-centric, value-add innovation mindset to dramatically shift EBITDA from new products.