Workplace Safety Consulting

Why choose us? dss+ consultants are trusted by millions worldwide — we’ve delivered workplace safety consulting and training to over three million people and thousands of organisations globally. We’ve also been named the #1 EHS consultancy for brand preference by independent research firm Verdantix for 5 consecutive years.  

It’s all about culture 

People make decisions based on what they think and how they feel, and we believe that companies can enhance safety performance by understanding the behavioural characteristics of their employees. This knowledge enables us to help companies create a performance culture that achieves superior results.

Our  dss+  Safety Perception Survey™ with data from over 17,000 sites and 4.5 million individuals reveals that a robust safety culture directly reduces safety incidents and helps protect lives. Enhancing your organisation's safety culture is more than removing hazards and institutionalising safety rules and procedures — it's about working with people to change their attitudes and behaviours at work and at home. 

Through a risk-aware, engaged culture, our clients have achieved significant financial and competitive benefits including reduced costs, a happier and more productive workforce, more efficient facilities, and improved public images. 

Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

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We live in a volatile age. But there’s never been a better opportunity to reshape your actions and create a better world. Explore our thoughts on transformation and best practices in dynamic times.

Here’s how risk-based thinking can be a positive force for society and work to your advantage at the same time.

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How to address stagnating safety culture & operational alignment in a business landscape that continues to evolve?

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Improve your contractor management system, making it more effective and ultimately helping you to mitigate risks.

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Meet the team

Explore the background and specialties of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Hitesh Thaker
Hitesh brings an ideal mix of operations and consultancy background. His area of expertise includes operational risk identification and mitigation through customized technical and systemic solutions.
Mathieu Leduc
Europe Regional Director: Power & Utilities
Mathieu helps organizations improve their overall performance by designing change management programs, improving HSE systems and coaching senior leaders and managers.
Donald Martin
With over 40 years of experience, Donald works with senior leaders and executive management teams for exceptional safety and risk management.
Marcelino Garcia
With over 30 years of experience in consulting and industries like engineering, aircraft and heavy machinery, Marce works with senior leaders and executive management teams, coaching and guiding them for exceptional risk management performance.