Integrate ESG and Impact into the Investment Process

How we can support your ESG journey

ESG issues introduce unique risks and opportunities to different industries and investments. Whether you’re an investor looking to identify and assess such risks, or a company aiming to attract, dss+ can make it easier to navigate the increasingly competitive and complex business landscape.

ESG integration at all levels
We can support you with the integration of ESG factors across levels, from the investment firm/strategic level to the investee firm/value-creation level, deploying diverse investment philosophies across strategies and asset classes.

ESG due diligence
We use ESG factors to evaluate investments and identify opportunities for value creation by tailoring every due diligence approach to client needs, objectives, strategy & deal volume, whether it’s a fast desk-based risk analysis or an in-depth one with on-site assessments.

Impact measurement, management, and communication
We deliver pragmatic, accurate & decision-useful metrics, identifying impact pathways, metrics & management plans that meet your strategic objectives.

ESG training and advisory
We work alongside senior leaders, investment committees, ESG committees, analysts, and deal teams long-term on strategy, research, reporting, policy & product development, training and ongoing education, target setting, and more.

Our unique expertise

Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the Team

Explore the background and specialties of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Tina Passalari
Global Lead ESG and Sustainable Strategies
Tina has 25 years of experience in sustainability and management consulting, including business performance, governance, risk and compliance services. She specializes in working with corporates on integrating sustainability in their business models.
Dimitris Apostolidis
Dimitris has 20+ years of professional experience in management consulting, sustainability, enterprise risk, and internal audit. He specializes in advising corporations on the integration of sustainability into their business models, sustainability/ESG internal controls inclusive of strategy and policy, maturity assessment, ESG reporting, enterprise risk assessment, materiality analysis, ESG assurance, and Due Diligence. He has been involved in a variety of projects for different clients in the private and public sectors in Europe and worldwide. Client sector experience includes Energy and Natural Resources, Power & Utilities, Banking & Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Telecommunications and Technology, Shipping, Industrial/ Manufacturing, Airport Operators, Real Estate, Construction and Renewable Energy, and Healthcare – Pharmaceutical and Textiles.
Evan Bruner
ESG & Sustainability Senior Manager
Evan brings a decade of sustainability experience covering topics ranging from sustainable packaging, certification, sustainable finance, supply chain efficiency and carbon markets and working in numerous roles supporting financial institutions, large corporations, and industry in pursuing sustainability goals and commitments.