Enhance Operations Performance

Full Potential Diagnostics
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Want to accelerate your organisation’s path towards success? Learn how our full potential diagnostics can level up your business performance metrics.
Continuous Improvement
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Create continuous improvement efforts that deliver value and support cultural change for sustained results.
Operational Improvement
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Increase and sustain levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
Maintenance and Reliability
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Discover how our project management consultants can help you ensure maintenance and reliability excellence and avoid escalating costs. 
Cost Reduction
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Achieve an overview of cost reduction opportunities and align the organisation on common goals. 
Supply Chain Management
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Strong supply chain management is key to a resilient organisation 
Contractor Management
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Understand and apply our effective contractor management process to control and build successful contracted environments.

Capital Excellence
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Manage key risks and drive performance across the entire asset lifecycle.

Energy Management
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Discover how you can optimise both costs and carbon emissions through our proven approach to energy management and efficiency.

Sustainable operational transformation

Our capabilities have been honed over more than 50 years of working in high operational risk environments and high asset intensity industries where margins are tight. This real-world experience of delivering measurable results has made a stark fact clear to us. The only real solutions to our client’s issues are those that are truly integrated across all dimensions and developed jointly between their people and our experienced technical experts and management consultants.

dss+ is highly successful in supporting our clients in sustainable Operational Transformation. Our experience ensures not only that improvements are discovered and implemented, but that the technical operating model, management operating systems and necessary skills, mindset, and behavioural elements are developed and deployed in a unified way.

Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the team

Duncan Munro
Director & Global Operational Excellence Lead
Duncan has 20+ years of strong experience with emerging industries and poses an engaging and inclusive leadership style. He leads the Operational Excellence team and works closely with other practice and industry leads on dss⁺ growth and integrated proposition.
Melissa Walker
Mel leads the Australia and New Zealand Operational Excellence practice and has worked across a range of industries to solve complex problems and implement pragmatic solutions to drive safe, real, and sustainable results.
Anthony Becerra
With over 26 years experience in multiple industries, Anthony has helped companies improve asset performance management, unit costs, drive process efficiencies and enhance management systems, all underpinned by Safety.
Helder Santos
Global Industry Director: Mining and Metals
Helder brings over 20+ years of experience in value creation. He has worked and supported executive and management teams globally across a broad range of industries such as Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Mining & Metals, Agri-Business and Manufacturing.
Ramez Haddadin
Principal, Operational Excellence
A growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning client relationship management, business transformations, cost-cutting programs, industry 4.0 transformations, revenue generation, and change management.
Fabio Nunes
Latin America Principal: Agriculture, Food and Beverage
A supply chain professional with 18 years of solid experience in several planning projects (DP, S&OP, DRP, MRP, MPS and Line Scheduling) and Logistics Processes (Interim Management in logistics operations in Mexico and Transport Bid). 
Rajiv Seneviratne
Singapore / Indonesia Principal: Oil & Gas
Rajiv leads dss+ in Indonesia. He brings 18 years of industry and operations consulting experience across Mining, Oil and Gas, Lubricants, Petrochemicals, Agribusiness and Manufacturing sectors.
Michael Lu
China Director: Mining & Metals
Michael has over 25 years of experience helping companies in Chemicals, Energy and Utilities industries transform their operations to improve efficiency, innovation and sustainability.
Samar Semaan
Samar is a passionate and well-rounded process engineer with a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, a good overview and excellent analytical skills. Samar is passionate about leading teams, energy, public speaking, safety, and the enhancement of processes.
Vinod C M
India Principal: Agriculture, Food and Beverage
Vinod leads the Operations Excellence practice for dss+ in India. He brings over 2 decades of consulting experience working with companies in chemicals, automobile, cement, textiles and heavy engineering sectors across areas like throughput/productivity improvement, cost optimisation, operations due diligence, maintenance & reliability improvement and management operating systems.