dss⁺ MIRA™ Digitalisation

Digitising operational risk management processes

It’s now more important than ever for businesses to be able to monitor and manage their operational risk on a single, integrated system. Here’s how dss+ MIRA™ Digitalisation can help. 

Meet the team

Explore the backgrounds and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you. 

Gauranga De
Global Director, Digital and Innovation
Gauranga brings over 30 years of management consulting and industry experience in digital, analytics and operations. He helps clients across the globe on the topic of sustainable impact & capability development with a focus on cutting-edge digital solutions. 
Ranjana Raveesh
Senior Manager, Digital and Innovation
Ranjana has over 16 years of cross-functional experience in digital and management consulting. She works across various industries with a focus on defining digital and innovation strategies in alignment with business objectives.