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The value of a safety culture 

The dss+ Bradley Curve™ shows that a successful safety culture helps save lives and empowers people, while improving business performance and making a positive impact on their operations. 

In a mature safety culture (interdependent stage), safety is truly sustainable, with injury rates approaching zero. People feel empowered to act as needed to work safely. They support and challenge each other. Decisions are made at the appropriate level and people live by those decisions. That’s not all: the organisation realises truly game-changing business benefits through higher quality, a positive impact on society and improved business results.

The stages of the dss+  Bradley Curve™ 

Reactive stage:
People don’t take responsibility and believe accidents will happen. 

Dependent stage: People view safety as following rules. Accident rates decrease.  

Independent stage: People take responsibility and believe they can make a difference with actions. Accidents reduce further. 

Interdependent stage : Teams feel ownership and responsibility for safety culture. They believe zero injuries is an attainable goal. 

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