Energy Transition & Decarbonisation

Net zero is our collective ambition. According to the IPCC, to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement by 2050, we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and remove the equivalent remaining emissions through natural or artificial sinks – this ensures the ‘net’ in ‘net zero.’

The journey to Net Zero can vary for each industry, organisation and individual. At dss+, we support your transition to Net Zero considering your local market dynamics, maturity of assets and value creation opportunities. We’ll help you to conduct and understand your GHG emissions and life cycle assessments, develop your net zero pathway, understand low-carbon technologies and alternative fuel solutions, deliver energy efficiency, finance the transition, and build the organisational and technical capabilities to enable your journey.

How we support your design and enable your Net Zero journey?

To define and enable your Net Zero journey, we aim to support you by:

  1. Bringing cross-industry experience to build fit-for-purpose decarbonisation strategies that work.
  2. Discovering and piloting new business models and ways of working with customers and partners with less environmental impact and energy consumption.
  3. Identifying and scoping solutions that are tangible and feasible to promote and scale green energy solutions in the short term and long term.
  4. Focusing on solutions based on the local context, linked to geographical, political or energy systems. Every territory is different, and therefore, every solution may not be viable or adapted for you.
  5. Supporting decision-making for low or zero carbon investments, based on a balanced portfolio approach to favour both green growth and decarbonisation simultaneously.
  6. Considering the entire system or ecosystem – ultimately, we aim to create more efficiency and productivity with reduced raw material and energy consumption. The involvement of multiple players is key to solve these “wicked decarbonisation problems,” and may include your supply chain and your customers, among others.

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Meet the team

Explore the background and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Mark Dickson
Global Consultant: Energy Transition & Decarbonisation
Catalysing change in the energy sector, working with all relevant stakeholders ranging from Ministries to regulators and oil & gas companies, on issues such as renewables, gas-to-power, and more.
Caroline Steinfeld
Manager, dss+
With a background in climate science and management, Caroline advises companies on how to maximise value whilst navigating the impacts of climate change. She offers an organisational approach to climate risk mitigation, adaptation, and decarbonisation strategies.
Oliver Gawad
Middle East & Africa Director: Chemicals, Sustainability & Economic Impact
With 20+ years of management consulting in chemicals, manufacturing and public sector, Oliver is supporting clients designing and implementing sustainability strategies as well as mastering required transformational changes in organizations for long-term success.
Shirley Goodwin
Senior Sustainability Consultant, dss+
Shirley's background in chemical engineering and management is complemented with 15+ years of working in global mining, metals and non-profit organisations. Shirley is passionate about supporting clients to manage climate risks, unlock opportunities through the energy transition and enable organisations’ capabilities to sustain the value and achieve net zero goals. 
Russell L. Cotton
North America Regional Director: ESG and Sustainability
North America
Russell has been in leadership roles and focused on delivering Consulting and ESG client solutions across multiple industries for the past 10 years and brings 18+ years of industry and consulting experience in heavy asset-intensive sectors.
Massimo Marino
Italy Sustainability Market Lead: Agriculture, Food and Beverage
Environmental engineer and author with extensive experience in calculating impacts of industrial processes; expert in life cycle assessments. Founder of Perfect Food Consulting, which was acquired by dss+.
Gerhard Bolt
Sub-Sahara Africa Principal
Gerhard holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with 15+ years of experience in energy and carbon management. He has advised multi-nationals on their carbon tax, energy efficiency and decarbonisation strategies and has recently turned his focus to the development of transformational sustainability roadmaps and nature-based carbon solutions.
Salam Kaddouh
Manager, Sustainability
Salam has 15+ years of experience working as an environmental and sustainability consultant. She has performed carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment (LCAs) projects for several clients to identify and leverage opportunities and develop sustainability/carbon strategies.
Stuart Scott
Director of Sustainability Services, Asia Pacific
Stuart has 25 years of experience in sustainability, operations improvement, & transformation leadership. He is specialised in hard-to-abate sectors such as oil, gas, power & utilities, chemicals, mining and metals, construction, and infrastructure in Australia and overseas.
Katrine Vad
Senior Manager, Sustainability
Katrine has 15+ years of experience in sustainability strategy definition and implementation, acquired in various consulting roles and as head of sustainability for large, global organizations.