Maximise Sustainability and ESG Impact

Defining Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap
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We work with you to identify relevant targets, and define your roadmap. This includes integrating relevant key solutions such as decarbonisation and the circular economy for a clear and practical way forward.  

Find out more about topics such as: 

  • Sustainable strategies, target setting and operational roadmaps
  • Corporate governance and operational model 
  • ESG reporting and disclosure 
  • Impact measurement, management, and communication 
Integrate ESG and Impact into the Investment Process
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Our experts provide adapted solutions to effectively integrate ESG and impact considerations into the investment process. 

Find out more about topics such as:

  • ESG integration 
  • ESG due diligence 
  • Impact measurement, management, and communication
  • ESG training and advisory
Industry Applied Solutions
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We offer industry insights, local knowledge, technical knowhow, and pragmatic support for day-to-day challenges to feed into the right sustainability strategy and implementation plan for you.  

Some of the topics we cover include 

  • Energy transition & decarbonisation  
  • Circular economy 
  • Eco Industrial Sites & Facilities Maintenance 
  • Environmental & Resource Management 
  • Social Impact & Value Chain  
Enabling Implementation through Capability-Building
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Together, we help you build organisational and team capabilities to catalyse and sustain your sustainability journey, from the board to the frontline, and strengthen the organisational culture along the way. 

Find out more about topics such as: 

  • Organisational capabilities 
  • Learning & activation  
  • Culture transformation 

Case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

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Meet the team

Explore the background and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Melissa Barrett
Global Director, Sustainability Services and Corporate Impact
Senior advisor with a focus on strategic sustainability transformation and innovation, helping organisations leverage their assets, capabilities and potential to deliver commercial, social and sustainable impact.
David Rochat
Director of Sustainability Services
Senior executive with vast experience in designing and leading the implementation of sustainability management in organisations and providing advisory services to businesses facing environmental legal compliance challenges.
Victoriana Gonzaga
LATAM Sustainability Market Lead and Social Impact
Victoriana is a lawyer specialised in sustainable development and human rights, working with policies of promotion and protection of rights, responsible business conduct, sustainable development and ESG, and diversity and inclusion.
Roger Anthony Charles
APAC Sustainability Lead
Leader focused on helping clients protect their employees and assets, realise operational efficiencies, integrate ESG considerations into the business model and innovate more rapidly by focusing on cultural transformation, digital insights and workforce capability.
Oliver Gawad
Director, Middle East, Sustainability & Economic Impact
With 20+ years of management consulting in chemicals, manufacturing and public sector, Oliver is supporting clients designing and implementing sustainability strategies as well as mastering required transformational changes in organizations for long-term success.
Alban Bitz
Switzerland Sustainability Market Lead
Alban has more than 20 years of global experience in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, including adaptation of management system, multi-stakeholder management and ESG reporting.
Federico Magalini
UK & Ireland Sustainability Market Lead
Federico, UK & Ireland Sustainability Market Lead at dss+, has background in Mechanical Engineer, and holds a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. In the past 15 years he focused his research and consultancy on e-waste management and industrial eco-efficiency. Federico has been working or coordinated several studies for EU Commission on e-waste and focused in the last 5 years on capacity building activities in developing countries, working with various UN agencies and developing training programs for policymakers and entrepreneurs.
Massimo Marino
Italy Sustainability Market Lead
Environmental engineer and author with extensive experience in calculating impacts of industrial processes; expert in life cycle assessments. Founder of Perfect Food Consulting, which was acquired by dss+.
Richard Kydd
ANZ Sustainability Market Lead
Richard leverages his academia credentials and consulting experience to collaborate with clients to help them understand and face their ESG risks, develop pragmatic implementation plans, and maximise long-term stakeholder value.
Benoit Charriere
Stakeholder Engagement and Regional Development Lead
Benoit has been implementing sustainable solutions for public and private organizations for more than 15 years. Through his expertise in circular economy and regional development, he contributes to successful multi-stakeholder strategies and the optimization of territorial resources through new business models.