Build Capabilities through Training

Online Learning and Learning Management
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Whether you are looking to align learning to operational skill gaps, develop remote employees around the globe, or grow the capabilities of your workforce, our online learning solutions can help you accelerate key business outcomes. 

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Learning Workshops: Virtual and Classroom-based learning
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We understand the importance of engagement to ensure employees are open to learning new skills while transforming their approach to work. Our workshops motivate employees to both think differently through "affective" psychology to ensure learning sticks and act differently by adopting new skills and knowledge.

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Custom Solutions
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We work with you to make customised creative content and experiences which rival anything your workforce is seeing at home, in the movie theatre, or on stage. This gives you the ability to communicate with them in the language they are accustomed to with a strong emotional connection. 

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  • Custom Learning Design 
  • World Class Production & Events 
  • Training Assessments 
Digital Assessment and Analytics
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Digital applications and tools are a necessary part of any manager's solution set, facilitating faster and more informed decisions. Obtaining actionable knowledge that can contribute to better workplace decisions and improved safety is key to ensuring that business outcomes are met consistently.

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Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the team

Explore the background and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you. 

Alyson Brandt
Global Director, Learning & Development
Passionate about investing in people to improve retention and enhance company performance, Alyson brings 30+ years of experience working with teams to change mindsets and behaviours through learning and development solutions. 
Matt Baker
Vice President of Sales
With over 20 years of experience, Matt partners with teams to deliver high-impact organisational change and enablement solutions that foster sustainable business changes and measurable business outcomes.
Susan Murphy
Global Solutions Leader
With over 20 years of experience, Susan focuses on the intersection of learning, technology, and safety. She helps create and maintain globally relevant, high-quality learning solutions that build capability, strengthen culture, and drive compliance.
Nancy Kondas
Global Communication and Branding Leader
With over 30 years of experience, Nancy and her team help develop effective & affective communications that change attitudes, transform behaviours and improve safety performance.
Craig Sexton
Global Creative Director at dss⁺
Craig is an experienced creative director and an award-winning producer, director, and writer with a diverse 30-year background in film, television, and the entertainment industry.
Ken Adam
Leadership & Training Specialist
Bringing learning to life by leveraging acumen for understanding needs and opportunities and then translating it into effective and sustainable training and development solutions.