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Our established reputation in working with multinational companies and investors make us recognised leaders in our field. As trusted partners, we help our clients identify and address key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and operational risks and opportunities.  We thrive on delivering real value to our clients; transforming their workplace cultures, processes, and capability for sustainable solutions and long-term results across the entire organisation. 

dss+ industry and functional expertise is further enhanced by our acquisition of KKS Advisors.  Through the addition of the experience brought by the KKS team, we integrate academic insights with strategy expertise to deliver solutions that foster systemic change, creating a world where business and investment decisions are made for the long term, take ESG factors into account, and maximise the power of capital to achieve positive impact.   

At dss+, we thrive on delivering real value by transforming workplace cultures, processes, and capabilities for sustainable, long-term results that maximize the power of capital to achieve a positive impact. dss+ is uniquely qualified through: 

50+ years of global operations experience and a strong focus on implementation. 

A strategic approach and proven methodology to reduce risk and accelerate measurable business improvements and returns. 

Enabling sustainable change through strategy, capability building, culture transformation, and people engagement. 

ESG, sustainable finance and operations experts who work with investors and executive teams to create value and manage company and portfolio risk. 

Featured insights

We live in a volatile age. But there’s never been a better opportunity to reshape your actions and create a better world. Explore our thoughts on transformation and best practices in dynamic times.

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We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

What are your goals?

Whether you are looking to revitalise your internal culture, build the capabilities of your leaders and teams, transform your operational effectiveness or make a positive impact on the environment, we’ll build a customised strategy and work side-by-side to implement it with you.

Meet the team

Explore the backgrounds and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Teresa Garti
Teresa is a senior business leader with 16 years of experience advising private equity deal teams, operating partners, and portfolio company CEOs on commercial and operational strategies to mitigate risk, optimise performance, and accelerate value capture.
Joaquin Blanco
Joaquin has 15+ years of experience in management consulting, industry and financial services. He provides advisory services on operational risk management and operational excellence.
U-Yun Wong
U-Yun has 22 years of experience in management consulting, investment management and finance, private equity advisory, value creation, and exit optimisation strategies.
Pyarali Jamal
UK ESG & Sustainable Finance Lead
Pyarali has over 25 years of experience and has advised organisations on ESG and finance issues across various sectors, including real estate, construction, energy and utility services, recycling, healthcare, asset management, and hospitality.  His experience includes ten years at a consulting company, sixteen years on the boards of two UK impact investors and CEO and COO of a circular economy business.  Pyarali is currently a member of the ICAEW's Sustainability Committee and an advisor to the Centre for Building Sustainable Value at the Ivey Business School.  He holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, an MBA from the Ivey Business School, and several professional certificates in ESG and sustainability.