dss+ Visible Felt Leadership

Published on Dec 27, 2022

1-day onsite workshop / Three, 2.5-hour virtual workshops

Managers and leaders responsible for guiding workers in an environment where safety is a key goal

Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical, Electronics, Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing

Topics Covered
  • Visible Felt Leadership objectivesand characteristics
  • The "Why" of Safety
  • Safety Culture
  • Implementing Visible Felt Leadership
    • Make the System Run
    • Give Direction
    • Cascade
    • Walk the Talk

Key Models & Tools
Includes Warrior vs. Explorer, 10 Characteristics of VFL, the Visible Felt Leadership Implementation Model and the dss+ Bradley Value Curve™

Course Code

Key Outcomes
Participants will gain an understanding of the value of Affective Leadership in driving engagement and safety-centric culture, how to connect work with corporate goals to propel engagement, using clear directions to support workers for improved performance, and how to provide frequent feedback using an easy-to-implement model.

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