dss+ Sustainability 101 Factsheet

Published on May 5, 2023


Designed for employees of all levels and functions.


There are four sections in Sustainability 101:

  • DEFINE: explores sustainability themes and explains why it is an important topic.
  • RECOGNISE: examines how sustainability trends impact supply and demand across industries and why they are relevant to learners.
  • IDENTIFY: outlines the business case for sustainability from the costs and risks of inaction to the value and opportunities of delivering a sustainability strategy.
  • REFLECT: shares how companies are delivering sustainability outcomes and invites learners to consider the impact they can make in their role.


Employees build an understanding of how Sustainability and ESG can drive value within their company, and how each person can help their organization meet its sustainability goals.


SCORM content; fully responsive design for dynamic user experience on laptops, tablets or mobile devices; compatible with all standard Learning Management Systems.

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