dss+ Introduction to Robotics Part 1 & 2

Published on Jan 4, 2023

eLearning (50 min)

Intended for both entry-level and experienced workers seeking to understand the foundational principles and mechanics of working with industrial robots

Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical, Electronics,Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing

Topics Covered
  • Part I focuses on the four components of a basic robotic system, including major and minor axes of a robot mechanical unit and related movements, common robot controller components and their functions, peripheral devices and common items found on the end-of-arm-tooling.
  • Part 2 expands on the information provided in Part 1 by examining coordinate systems used to "jog" or control the robot’s movements, with a focus on explaining key characteristics of the Cartesian coordinate system, teach pendant operation, and how reference frames are used to set up a robotic cell. Safety issues related to working with industrial robots are also presented in this module.

Key Models & Tools
Modules include high-definition visual models, videos, and interactive exercises that demonstrate the placement and functionality of key components, visually illustrating conceptual systems integral to robotic operations to maximize learner engagement.

Course Codes
ROB001HMLENG0000 (30 min) & ROB002HMLENG000 (20 min)

Key Outcomes
This engaging, introductory eLearning course fills a much-needed technology training gap in the area of industrial robotics. Learners will gain an understanding of foundational principles of robotics they can apply to working with all robots, regardless of model or manufacturer.

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