dss⁺ Safety Perception Survey™

The dss+ Safety Perception Survey™ (SPS) was designed to capture perceptions and attitudes toward safety held by a wide cross section of hourly workers, professionals, supervisors and managers within an organisation. We have applied our 50 years of experience and our knowledge of data science and organisational psychology to build a diagnostic solution that:  

  • Allows you to uncover employee perception gaps across job roles, locations and divisions.
  • Helps you better understand the strength of your organisational culture across teams and demographics.
  • Benchmarks your results against companies in your industry to track and improve your safety performance.

Discover additional benefits the dss+ Safety Perception Survey™ can offer your organisation: 

  • Measure and monitor safety culture leading indicators 
  • Benchmark and utilize insights to identify areas of improvement 
  • Identify potential risk areas through data and analytics
  • Understand the saftey culture of your organisation 
  • Easily access results through an online portal 
  • Reassess and benchmark performance every 12 months
  • Strategic safety culture perspective through plotting of results 
  • A great tool to start the conversation about safety 
  • Available in 60+ languages

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The dss⁺ Safety Perception Survey (SPS) measures the effectiveness of your organization’s safety program.

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This infographic illustrates the proven, proprietary system that has helped enable safety success for clients around the world.

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Meet the team

Explore the backgrounds and specialties of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Kimberly McElroy 
SPS Global Survey Manager
Kimberly delivers safety perception surveys to clients, SAP expertise in xRPM interfaces, and excels at project management with clients. 
Srinivas Rao Pulipati 
Senior Analyst
Srinivas is part of the dss+ Safety Perception Survey ™ team, with 15 years of experience executing online market research surveys.