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A sneak peek at how we make risk awareness stick 

Train the trainers
Our Train-the-Trainer learning experience, whether onsite or virtual, allows you to build Risk Factor delivery capability within your organization.

Risk factor implementation workforce-wide
From a learning experience reinforced by group discussions with interactive exercises, to Risk Factor conversations, and on-the-job application via field activities, our implementation program caters to all your employees.

Making it all stick with microlearning
We introduce the three Ps of learning – Pause, Process, Proceed – and complement that with text-message based microlearning for continued engagement and risk awareness.

Have you heard of STOP®?
Risk Factor complements the
dss+ STOP® solution, a program focused on observation of behaviors and conditions and the “why” of safety, for stronger foundations to the safety culture you’re catalyzing.

For current Risk Factor Clients
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A sticky, life-changing safety awareness program

Through five modules, we’ll train the trainers in your organization and give you the tools to increase safety awareness in an engaging, behavior-changing way.

Case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Featured insights

Personal risk awareness solution applies the latest research in neuroscience and decision making.

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Learn how organizations can incorporate cognitive, behavioral and affective elements into risk-based decision making to help improve safety.

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