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But just observing people isn’t enough

The true benefit of dss+ STOP® is in the conversation and in the power of why. By engaging in positive, meaningful discussions, employees are encouraged to learn why their colleagues want to be safe. Knowing what motivates each other to go home safely each day leads to more impactful conversations that reach the hearts and minds – and, ultimately, improve behavior when it comes to risk.

The three-part approach

dss+ STOP® programs use proven instructional design in a combination of tested training methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely; to maximize their learning; and to apply what they learn to the real world. The programs feature a three-part approach:

  • Individual self-study. Workbooks are used to introduce basic concepts and to begin safety skill development.
  • Field application activities. dss+ STOP® program participants practice what they have learned in their own work areas.
  • Group meetings. After reviewing content, participants discuss what they have learned and consider how it can be applied.

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