Achieving and Sustaining the Full Potential of Your Business – How to Get Started

Published on May 18, 2021

At dss+, we have collaborated with numerous clients globally to help prioritise the critical value add initiatives, develop an integrated plan to drive the business transformation and generate both the commitment and momentum to start the journey.

How to get started?

Knowing your full potential and how to get there
Having strong alignment among the leadership team on the business full potential and on the priority initiatives, resources and organisational enablers required to achieve and sustain this full potential is critical for success. We partner with clients to develop and drive alignment on a robust, comprehensive business case to achieve and sustain a step change in business performance by addressing the key drivers of value for your business, typically:

  1. Volume: where are the constraints in the value stream and what is the full potential volume of the right quality that can be achieved without significant capital expenditure?
  2. Cost: what are the realistically achievable operating, working capital and sustaining capital costs required to support the increased volume?
  3. Risk: what are the key risks to be further mitigated to minimise impact to people and environment, disruption to operations, and maintain social license to operate?
  4. Enablers: is the level and maturity of current capabilities, organisational culture (mindsets & behaviours), management operating system and digital capabilities aligned with what is required by the organisation to achieve and sustain its full potential?

The dss+ approach to Full Potential Diagnostics leverages proven methodologies and tools; further, it is anchored in hands-on industry experience and understanding of key risks, value levers and the operational environment. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that there is understanding and ownership of the business full potential goals, initiatives and roadmap. We approach the diagnostic as a first step of the broader capability enhancement journey.

What does a full potential diagnostic give you?

In a short timeframe, our Full Potential Diagnostic provides you with:

  • Clearly defined improvement goals that map to the quantifiable full potential and associated time frames.
  • A set of high value improvement opportunities to be addressed via a value accelerator approach to fast track early results
  • An actionable roadmap for sustainably transforming the business that prioritises and integrates key initiatives and is fully owned by the management team
  • Senior leaders engaged and supporting site(s) with a clearly defined leadership vision of what good looks like and shared confidence that the roadmap will deliver the benefits
  • A clear view of the resources required to deliver the planned improvement initiatives.

We have completed Full Potential Diagnostics at numerous clients globally and helped them to achieve and exceed target results through focused implementation.


What makes a dss+ full potential diagnostic impactful?

An integrated approach to drive a step change in operational and HSE performance:

We know that strong core values and excellence in safety are foundational for top quartile sustainable business performance. We leverage our industrial heritage and deep understanding of both key value and risk drivers in the operations of our clients to help enhance both operational and HSE performance.

Achievable goals and actionable plan grounded on the operational reality:

We work closely with your teams to co-define the performance goals and transformation plan, to ensure they are achievable, and that they consider the current operational reality, prevailing culture and capability in the organisation. We integrate the various existing initiatives to streamline effort and help driving focus in the organisation to achieve the results.

Relentless focus on cultural change and capabilities for sustainability:

We know that achieving short term improvements is often easy. Sustaining them over time is a much bigger challenge. We leverage our hands-on experience and relentless focus on culture change and capability building to accurately determine your organisational maturity and planning for sustainability right from the beginning.