Maintenance and Reliability

How dss+ approaches M&R 

Knowing what needs to be fixed or maintained is one thing. Knowing how to start, how to optimise and how to transform the culture to ensure your successes last is something else altogether. That’s where dss
+ comes in.

Our project management consultants assess the baseline maintenance maturity and the true cost implications of the current performance. This helps both your team and ours evaluate the current system and personnel capabilities and identify the burning issues. 
Knowing this, we can determine the genuine priorities and design the journey that works for you. We review your organisation’s maturity against each of these aspects and evaluate how successful current practices are.

We cover:

  • Systematic troubleshooting ensures holistic, effective results that leave no stone unturned. 
  • Identification of savings opportunities and increased value extraction for cost management. 
  • Spare parts and supply chain optimisation aligns inventory management with operating/maintenance strategy to manage actual availability vs reported availability. 
  • Planning and scheduling enhancement ensures you’re always prepared.  
  • Management of key areas including contractors, people, and embedding of continuous improvement in the management operating system. 
  • Development of maintenance plans offers you set ways to deal with maintenance and repair contracts.