Contractor Management

Whatever your needs, our contractor management solutions will help you build the right capabilities to tackle your safety and performance management issues, so you and your contractors achieve sustainable results.

Our aim is not to change your systems, but to build specific methods to create immediate results and a working process for continuous improvement. What’s more, you’ll gain customised tools and processes to guide you through contractor bidding, contract award, orientation, training, contractor management, auditing and post-contract evaluation.

Managing contractors effectively

Our consultants are armed with on-the-ground experience running plants and capital projects. To begin, we start by working with you to clearly define your business needs and range of contracting options. Here’s how we help.

We support business owners to: Protect people, the environment and assets. Mitigate contractor performance risk and boost performance. Reduce project general liability and worker insurance costs — and more.

We help contract managers: Develop contractors, manage performance and the safety of contractors and sub-contractors, complete projects on-time and within budget.

We foster social impact by: Creating thriving communities and building deep, sustainable trust between corporate organisations and society.

Featured insights

We live in a volatile age. But there’s never been a better opportunity to reshape your actions and create a better world. Explore our thoughts on transformation and best practices in dynamic times.

Improve your contractor management system, making it more effective and ultimately helping you to mitigate risks.

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