Energy Management

Key elements of our energy management approach:

  • Data quality
    We develop fuel, power, steam, and condensate balances that will highlight data gaps and inconsistencies.
  • Energy usage
    Our tools help identify inefficiencies in specific operations such as boilers, turbines, etc., as well as systemic issues, such as cycle efficiency, and steam and condensate losses.
  • Quality assurance of monitoring and reporting processes
    We review and challenge dashboards and reports for completeness, accuracy and clarity.
  • Management Operating System
    We redesign management processes to improve workflows and optimise operations.
  • Loss Accounting
    Our use of Production and Energy Loss Accounting (PELA) improves staff engagement and collaboration and effectively tackles hidden losses.

Featured Case Studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the team

Explore the background and specialities of the experts who’ll be working with you.

Gert-Jan Fien
Subject Matter Expert - Industrial Energy Management
Gert-Jan is an innovative subject-matter expert with 25 years worldwide experience in both operational and consulting roles for optimising industrial energy and water usage. Gert-Jan was instrumental in developing dss+ Production & Energy Loss Accounting tools and has extensive experience setting up on-line systems for process and utility systems performance tracking.
Samar Semaan
Samar is a passionate and well-rounded process engineer with a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, a good overview and excellent analytical skills. Samar is passionate about leading teams, energy, public speaking, safety, and the enhancement of processes.