Cost Reduction

All expenses build up for a reason. Reducing or eliminating them requires the systematic identification of where costs move out of line, an understanding of why the costs exist and the risks of cutting it.

The good news is that getting the job done effectively doesn’t need to be a drawn-out exercise. In a few weeks, our management consulting teams can typically identify most cost reduction opportunities, ensure the risks are managed, develop appropriate implementation plans, align your key stakeholders, and improve or expand processes and behaviours to ensure that lower cost levels are sustained.

We prioritise quick wins to improve your position swiftly. Then, we follow that up with more complex cultural and behavioural improvements for process excellence. We have a clear method for managing ideas through the implementation pipeline so we can clearly track and deliver savings for you. 

dss+ works with you side-by-side to unpack your costs and find what will work in your business. We bring the tools, processes, experience and technical expertise to cut through the cost challenge you are facing. All while building problem ownership and capability among your people. The bottom line: when we finish, your organisation will have the tools and behaviours to ensure your bottom line stays healthy, long-term. 

What can the dss+ cost reduction process achieve for you? 

Clients who have worked with us see a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Opportunity assessment: A clear overview of cost reduction opportunities and their impact. 
  • Shared purpose: Alignment around a common goal for maximum success. 
  • Implementation with rigour and collaboration: A project executed in a highly collaborative and supportive style. 
  • Actionable ideas: Processes that identify cost saving ideas, assist with implementation, and promote lasting benefits.
  • Uncompromising results: Rapid and tangible results that don’t put operations, people, or production at risk. 
  • A stronger bottom line: Truly sustainable cost reduction, so your results carry through for the long-term.