Gold Miner Digitalisation

Published on Jun 14, 2021

Gold Miner integrates Digitalization in Transformation to achieve Project NPV


As part of a major mine expansion, a global gold mining company embarked on a large-scale transformation project which included rapid adoption of digital technology to achieve the project NPV. dss+ was asked to facilitate the process and develop a prioritized improvement pipeline aligning site priorities with digital technologies.

dss+ conducted a diagnostic to identify change drivers and areas with greatest potential for improvement, leading to key enabling activities including:

  • MOS improvements
  • Foundational technical requirements, e.g., underground Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Introduction of an ideas management process

Fit-for-purpose enabling technologies were next implemented to realize these activities. By integrating technology with the ideas management process, the gold miner was able to realize benefits in excess of original targets, delivering rapid results ahead of schedule.

A digital and technology roadmap was integrated into the site-wide MOS while a line-led (vs. center-led) implementation model saw early adoption of ideas and technology by the line and a noticeable sense of ownership.