Enabling Implementation through Capability-Building

At dss+ we’re passionate about enabling transformations and sustainable change. We know every company is different, so we work with you to understand your industry, your business and your unique levers for change to determine the right organisational structure, embed new systems such as KPIs, train and activate your employees. Our goal is to build your internal capabilities so you can achieve your vision.

How we enable your transformation journey

Empowering organisations to achieve sustainable impact and create business value requires a holistic and agile approach. We will design the transformational journey with you, based on the maturity of your business and take your team from aware to engaged to mastery through practical approaches both digital and in-person to transform your organisation.

Cascading your ESG & Sustainability Strategy
Cascading the ambition requires pragmatic roadmaps by function, business unit, site and across teams. We develop the right governance and operating model, roles and responsibilities and KPIs to cascade the ambition to meet targets and deliver business value.

Developing the standards, processes and tools for change
Organisational systems and capabilities empower people with the data, insights and decision-making frameworks for change. We work with you to develop industry and function-specific guidance and tools to help people do their day-to-day jobs with sustainability as a key lever and value. This includes across Operations, Supply Chain, R&D, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Procurement.

Building skills and competencies through Learning and Leadership
From sustainability literacy through to deep technical competencies, we work alongside our Learning & Development teams to bring our “sustainability academy” to support training, coaching and mentoring programmes. We create and deliver training such as “ESG for Boards”, “Sustainability 101 for Managers” through to technical programmes on climate action or circular economy.

Culture and behaviours for Sustainable Transformation
It’s only by practising and by putting into practice what is learnt that individuals can integrate the lessons into their day-to-day decisions. Building integrated communications, and supporting with culture change tools, we help to change the mindsets needed for innovation and implementation.

Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
Our teams are specialists in stakeholder engagement, supporting the development of partnerships, and multi-stakeholder approaches and working closely with your stakeholders to bring shared vision, complementary capabilities and co-created approaches for change.

Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the team

Explore the background and specialties of the experts who’ll be working with you.

David Rochat
EMEA Director of Sustainability Services
Senior executive with vast experience in designing and leading the implementation of sustainability management in organisations and providing advisory services to businesses facing environmental legal compliance challenges.
Melissa Barrett
Managing Director, Corporate Impact & Practices
Senior advisor with a focus on strategic sustainability transformation and innovation, helping organisations leverage their assets, capabilities and potential to deliver commercial, social and sustainable impact.
Francesca Brkic
Manager, Circular Economy & Sustainability, Regenerative Agriculture
Over 10 years of experience in food and agriculture sustainability, focusing on innovation, value chain redesign, and circular economy. Focus on transformation projects along the product lifecycle, from sustainable sourcing to product design and strategy, across global contexts.
Tina Passalari
Global Lead ESG and Sustainable Strategies
Tina has 25 years of experience in sustainability and management consulting, including business performance, governance, risk and compliance services. She specializes in working with corporates on integrating sustainability in their business models.
Katrine Vad
Senior Manager, Sustainability
Katrine has 15+ years of experience in sustainability strategy definition and implementation, acquired in various consulting roles and as head of sustainability for large, global organizations.
Carmen Valache-Altinel
Manager, Sustainability
Sustainability all-rounder with experience in designing engaging learning programmes for companies to ensure that every employee understands what sustainability is and how they can contribute to it.