Helvetia Environnement Groupe

Published on Feb 7, 2023

Helvetia Environnement Groupe’s B Corp™ Certification Journey

Context and the Challenge

Building on strong Swiss family business heritage, Helvetia Environnement Groupe (HEG) was created in 2005 to provide integrated waste management solutions. HEG’s 560+ employees work to build a more resilient and circular economy through the main activities: waste collection for local communities, retail businesses and industries, sorting and recovering waste, and developing waste-to-energy solutions.

HEG identified B Corp™ as an ambition for the business to achieve and approached dss+ to help manage the project, guide through the process and share insights from dss+’ past experience with the certification.

dss+ Approach

dss+ and HEG collaborated on a step by step approach to succeed on the B Corp™ journey. This included the following (and not limited to): a deep dive to understand HEG’s business model & strengths and opportunities, widespread stakeholder engagement & involvement to build awareness and share key insights, a robust data collection to make HEG’s impact visible, and building trust to challenge ways of working and pinpoint improvements.

  • Enabled HEG to build the right team of internal stakeholders for an efficient data collection process.
  • Built a comprehensive plan with clear milestones for each step of the BCorp™ Certification process, including tips & tricks for success.
  • Analysed scenarios and probable outcomes of the B Impact Assessment (BIA), including benchmarking with similar BCorps.
  • Prepared necessary data and supporting information with the HEG team prior to all verifications by B Lab.
"dss+ has allowed us to transform a desire into a project and then a project into a reality! The collaboration with dss+ has facilitated and accelerated our journey towards B Corp™ Certification."

– Bertrand Guyard-Lasne, Director of Sustainability & Digital Transformation at HEG