ESG Investing Strategy at Brandes Investment

Published on May 25, 2023

dss+ Approach
dss+ consultants evaluated practices and policies at the firm and throughout the full investment process, conducting interviews to gain insight into current levels of ESG practice as well as strategic objectives for integration.

An SFDR competitive analysis was developed to benchmark Brandes against its peers and best practice, and to pinpoint opportunities for differentiation. The dss+ team also advised on data strategy and identified fitting providers.

After outlining strategic integration points for ESG topics and functions that align with the firm’s objectives and capacity for influence, dss+ continues to advise on final design and implementation of the target state.

Assessment of ESG current state and SFDR article 8 fund opportunities, with support for target state design and implementation.

ESG consulting.

Creation of a novel strategy for integrating ESG considerations into the investment process with an eye toward rigor, transparency and efficiency.

Executives and deal teams have received training on future-proof opportunities that do not rely on loopholes and greenwashing.