Building ESG Capability at Financial Services Group

Published on May 25, 2023

dss+ Approach
An in-depth review of policies and tools informed a guided process for identifying potential improvements. Possibilities were demonstrated in real time, using actual tools and processes to address the real-world challenges of each investment team.

dss+ worked with the client to codevelop a tailored training session for seven investment teams, with the goals of advancing their understanding of ESG issues and enhancing capabilities around ESG-led due diligence.

Content included:

  • ESG Fundamentals
  • Navigating Grey Areas and Data Gaps
  • Financial, Dynamic and Double Materiality
  • Risk Exposure vs. Risk Management

To maximise engagement across a large audience that encompassed multiple teams and investment strategies, we incorporated polls and live demonstrations of resources and tools.

Engaging, customised investment team ESG training across asset classes and investment strategies.

ESG training.

More than 150+ investment professionals participated in two virtual training sessions featuring live demos of due diligence screening and scoring tools.