Developing tools for Assalzoo to engage with stakeholders on sustainability

Published on Oct 19, 2022


Feed production is the first, fundamental phase of any livestock supply chain. Raw material sourcing and circularity can have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of the whole food system.

Assalzoo asked dss+ consultants to help produce stakeholder communications designed to convey key environmental messages and educate readers about the impact of various protein sources.

dss+ Approach

Two precompetitive reports were created. Published in 2021, the group’s first environmental report provided an overview of the industry as well as a detailed look at innovations that promise to improve breeding performance. A second piece offered a deeper look into protein sources and how advances can help reduce the environmental impact of protein production.

To complement and expand on this learning, training journeys were designed for association member companies.


Educate stakeholders on feed production environmental performance and potential innovations.


Sustainability implementation and communication.


Two reports share the industry’s commitment to the environment and responsible protein sourcing.

Data demonstrate that up to 60% of feed ingredients are from byproducts, contributing to circularity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.