Developing training to support ThinkAbout in their mission to reduce food waste

Published on Nov 3, 2022


The ThinkAbout NO.W! NoWaste Project is an ecommerce platform that finds new homes for food products that can’t be sold, due to packaging defects, surplus production, or nearing their use-by dates. Products are offered at significant discounts and diverted from being discarded.

In order to spread the word about sustainability, ThinkAbout wanted to provide a training course that companies could offer to their employees.

dss+ Approach

Before creating the training module, the dss+ team identified and defined the sustainability issues most relevant to the company’s awareness-raising objective. Next, an on-demand training programme was outlined, including four modules featuring an introduction to sustainability, sustainability and food, how to be sustainable in everyday life, and communicating about sustainability.

Once all data and information were organised, the course was professionally recorded and produced in a studio.


Increase employees’ awareness and knowledge of sustainability topics in the agronomy sector.


Sustainability implementation and training.


The two-hour programme was provided to ThinkAbout, who made it available to a broad network of companies in their circle.

The course increased participants’ awareness of basic sustainability information, as well useful tips they can apply in everyday life to reduce their impact on the environment.