Empowering Federated Hermes to integrate ESG into portfolio companies

Published on Jan 25, 2020


Federated Hermes wanted to develop an instructive and interactive multi-course curriculum on incorporating ESG consideration in their portfolios. The programme would be comprehensive and actionable, as well as eligible for continuing education credits.


dss+ created a web-based three-course curriculum, for Federated Hermes that covers ESG 101, ESG Data and Investment Implementation, and ESG Business Implementation for Investment Advisors. The purpose of this programme ram is to educate investment advisors on how to identify key concepts of ESG, uncover the link to alpha, understand and navigate ESG integration practices, and talk with new clients and existing clients about ESG.

This curriculum is available to the public via the web here: https://info.federatedinvestors.com/Responsible-Investing-Institute.html


Develop a course on the fundamentals of responsible investing for investment advisors.


ESG training, web-based learning solution, Responsible Investing advisory.


Delivered a web-based, comprehensive three-module ESG training curriculum for investment advisors that is eligible for continuing education credit.