Implementing a waste management strategy

Published on Oct 3, 2023


The town of Vernier reached out dss+ to obtain an objective assessment of its outsourced waste management and identify the implementation measures to optimise the costs and reverse the trend to achieve the cantonal targets.

Solution and methodology

The project began with a comprehensive diagnostic, which compared the performance of Vernier's waste management to that of other municipalities. This was done to demonstrate the economic advantages of investing in a waste management strategy for the city. Five priority areas were identified for which the dss+ team defined specific implementation measures. dss+ supported the implementation process by establishing the framework conditions to operate, including:

  • New municipal waste management project leader in place.
  • Thorough revision of the essential waste management documents, required for its successful operation.
  • New subcontractor requirements specifications set, integrating stringent performance clauses, technological tools to enable better service monitoring, and a plan to optimise waste collection processes.
"The work carried out has enabled us to highlight the levers for action and the issues involved in waste management. The new municipal strategy an the plan of practical, prioritised measures give us a better grasp of the current and future challenges of waste reduction and sustainable resource management."

- Ville de Vernier Executive