Dalma Mangimi

Published on Oct 20, 2022


Dalma Mangimi products represent efficient use of resources for food and feed producers. Because the raw materials used by Dalma Mangimi consist only of former foodstuffs, their products are 100% circular - they represent a significant benefit in terms of CO2 emissions and land and water use.

Still, the environmental impact of livestock production is strongly related to feed production.

dss+ Approach

Dalma Mangimi reached out to dss+ to help craft and publicise their sustainability message to stakeholders. The first step was a comprehensive life cycle assessment which compared the environmental performance of Dalma Mangimi biscuit meal to other typical Italian livestock feeds.

The results were incorporated into a beautifully designed brochure and two-minute video that highlight the exceptional environmental advantages Dalma Mangimi products offer to stakeholders on both sides of the food chain.


Quantifying and conveying a unique environmental advantage to stakeholders.


Sustainability implementation and communication.


A cow milk supply chain pilot showed a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when former foodstuffs are incorporated into the feed.