dss+ STOPĀ® Overview

Published on Jun 1, 2020

dss+ STOP® programs use a combination of methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely, maximize their learning and apply what they learn to the real world. The programs feature a three-part approach:

  • Individual self-study. Workbooks are used to introduce basic concepts and begin safety skill development.
  • Field or application activities. STOP® program participants practice what they have learned in their own work areas.
  • Group meetings. After viewing a video, participants discuss what they have learned and consider how it can be applied.

Available STOP® Programs

STOP® for Supervision

A comprehensive, behavior-based training program, STOP® for Supervision establishes the framework for the entire STOP® series. It teaches managers, supervisors and team leaders how to observe people as they work. By talking with people to acknowledge safe acts and correct unsafe acts, workers are encouraged to follow safe work practices. Oil and Gas version available.

STOP® for Each Other

Focuses on peer-to-peer safety, teaching participants to interact with their coworkers, incorporate safety in their everyday activities and make safety second nature. Oil and Gas version available.

STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshop

Conducted by dss+ STOP® experts before you begin STOP® implementation. Helps build a strong foundation for the STOP® program and increases involvement across your organization.

STOP® Implementation Assessment

Reviews STOP® implementation at your site to assess the success of the implementation, identify gaps and recommend next steps for improvement in your safety observation program.

STOP DataPro®

A web-based application that optimizes the value of STOP® programs by making it easier to record and analyze safety performance data and generate reports. It quickly and easily enables in-depth understanding of workplace safety using your STOP® observation data to review findings, identify trends, track corrective actions and monitor the frequency and effectiveness of safety observations. Now featuring a mobile app that can be used with iOS or Android devices.

For more than 30 years, dss+ STOP® has been helping businesses prevent injuries. Join the thousands of companies and government organizations worldwide who realize the benefits of this program as real dollars and cents. See for yourself how dss+ is helping to provide people with the safest workplace possible.