STOP® for Each Other

STOP® for Each Other
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STOP® for Each Other focuses on:

  • Everyday safety – not just observations. The program covers formal observations in the final unit, as another way to use the observation and communication skills learned in the program.
  • Safety of co-workers. as well as performing observations. STOP® for Each Other emphasizes how peers rely on each other to work safely in the workplace. It's not just about personal safety.
  • Conditions as well as actions. STOP® for Each Other highlights how the interaction of people and conditions work together to produce safe or unsafe situations.
  • Peer-to-peer communication. STOP® for Each Other encourages a mindset where safety is an everyday discussion, not just completing a formal observation.

Important STOP® for Each Other concepts include:

  • Seeing Safety. Participants become so attuned to safety that they automatically notice safe or unsafe practices throughout the workplace and home.
  • We depend on each other. Peers rely on themselves and each other to stay safe.
  • Show me you care, make me aware.. The program gives peers permission to talk with each other about safety.


STOP® for Each Other is especially well suited for delivery to any peer group or personnel in team-based or flat organizations that have personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of co-workers. STOP® for Each Other also works well for organizations that have used STOP® for Supervision and wish to train non-supervisory personnel or to conduct refresher training in safety.


The education approach is the "three legged stool" used in all STOP® offerings:

  • Individual self-study through workbooks
  • Review/workplace application activities
  • Group meetings in which participants view video, discuss concepts introduced in workbook and video, and apply the concepts to their workplace.

STOP® for Each Other job-focused application activities make safety real, not theoretical. As a result, participants gain better understanding of concepts and skills, with wider application and use of the knowledge learned.

STOP® for Each Other fosters a culture of caring and concern that focuses on prevention, working safely and communication.

Content and Materials

STOP® for Each Other program components:

  • Implementation Assistance Workshop
  • Workbook with 5 Units and Refresher
    • Introduction
    • The dss⁺ STOP® Safety Cycle
    • Conditions, Positions of People, Personal Protective Equipment, and Tools and Equipment
    • Procedures, Housekeeping, Reactions of People, and Talking with Others
    • Conducting Formal STOP® Safety Observations
  • Administrator Guide
  • Leader's Guide
  • Observation Cards
  • Observation Checklists
  • STOP® for Each Other eLearning Courses
  • STOP® DataPro®
  • STOP® Assessment

STOP® for Each Other Workbooks are also available in an e-learning format that allows participants to listen to interactive readings, watch videos and learn at their own speed.