dss+ STOPĀ® Brochure

Published on Jun 1, 2009

Improving Behavior through Observation and Communication Protect. Transform.

Strengthen Your Safety Culture with dss+ STOP®

The benefits of a risk-aware, engaged culture are many: a more productive workforce, improved safety performance, reduced costs and increased competitiveness - to name a few. Enhancing your safety culture involves working with employees to improve their mindsets and behaviors at work, as well as at home. And this starts with getting your workers to see safety - and talk to each other about it.

dss+ STOP® has helped thousands of organizations empower employees and enrich culture through safety observations based on honest, thoughtful dialogue. Employees learn to see safety by observing others as they do their jobs.

But just observing people isn't enough.

The true benefit of dss+ STOP® is in conversations and in the power of why. By engaging in positive, meaningful discussions, employees are encouraged to learn why their colleagues want to be safe. Knowing what motivates each other to go home safely each day leads to more impactful conversations that reach hearts and minds - and, ultimately, improve behavior when it comes to risk.

STOP® Helps Your Organization...

  • Reduce injuries, reinforce safe work practices and eliminate at risk behavior
  • Reduce costs related to incidents and injuries
  • Address safety at work and at home
  • Establish consistent observation procedures
  • Develop leaders in safety
  • Conduct sincere, in-depth, investigative conversations
  • Provide feedback to management through analysis of information from observations

How STOP® Works
STOP® programs use proven instructional design in a combination of tested training methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely; to maximize their learning; and to apply what they learn to the real world.

The programs feature a three-part approach:

  • Classroom/virtual instruction - includes group discussions with videos plus refresher training
  • Self-study workbooks - introduce basic concepts and begin safety skill development.
  • On-the-job application (field activities) - gives hands-on experience

dss+ STOP® Program

STOP® for Supervision

STOP® for Supervision is based on the idea that leaders are accountable for the safety of their employees. It builds safety observation and communication skills, enabling constructive discussions with employees about safe and unsafe work practices.

STOP® for Supervision:

  • Is designed for people in positions of responsibility and authority
  • Develops a safety awareness and helps supervisors to talk with employees about all aspects of safety
  • Shows participants how to encourage safe work and address unsafe situations

STOP® for Each Other

STOP® for Each Other was designed for organizations that have implemented STOP® for Supervision and wish to train non-supervisory personnel or to conduct refresher training in safety.

STOP® for Each Other teaches that safety is everyone's responsibility. It is designed to help participants look at safety in a new way, so they can help themselves and their co-workers work safely. During the program participants develop their safety awareness and talk with others about all aspects of safety.

STOP® for Each Other:

  • Increases employee safety awareness
  • Encourages peer to peer communication about safety
  • Is based on the idea that safety is everyone's responsibility

"The program has helped Cascade employees develop their safety awareness and comfort level to enable them to talk with others about all aspects of safety."

— Sharon Darby, Senior Manager of Environmental, Safety & Sustainability, Cascade Engineering

How STOP® is Implemented

STOP® Executive Leadership Alignment Workshop

This four-hour workshop focuses on the organization's purpose and desired goals for the dss+ STOP® offering. It introduces the leadership team to the dss+ STOP® safety concepts and familiarizes them with the program. The goal is to gain leadership alignment on vision and approach as well as achieve the clarity needed to initiate implementation of the dss+ STOP® offering.
Available virtually or onsite.

STOP® Train-the-Trainer Implementation Assistance Workshop

This two-day interactive workshop is designed to ensure a successful rollout of STOP® within the organization. It provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to facilitate dss+ STOP® training effectively and is a foundational step in the organization's cultural transformation journey. Through engaging discussions, group work and practical exercises, trainers gain an understanding of the dss+ STOP® principles and learn best practices for implementing and sustaining an observation and communication program.
Available virtually or onsite.

STOP® Coaching

dss+ consultants help support a successful dss+ STOP® rollout with ongoing virtual coaching. These sessions provide more frequent communication and sharing of information among the dss+ STOP® leaders and help sustain what has been learned and applied throughout the dss+ STOP® journey.
Available virtually.

STOP® Refresher

This four-hour workshop reviews, reinforces and upgrades participants' existing knowledge of the dss+ STOP® program. During the workshop participants look at ways in which the organization has grown in seeing safety since implementation and areas that may need additional focus.
Available virtually or onsite.

STOP® Teams of Two Observation Training

This on-the-job safety observation engagement is designed to provide real time one on two coaching and help your organization develop value for and awareness of safety observations that focus on changing employee behavior and attitudes.
Available onsite only.

STOP® Assessment Service

After implementing dss+ STOP®, a dss+ consultant helps the organization assess how the program is working by studying the effectiveness of the dss+ STOP® training, the use of dss+ STOP® Observation Checklists, the use of dss+ STOP® data, the quality of observations being conducted, the level of management commitment to dss+ STOP® and the reaction and involvement by employees.
Available onsite only.

STOP® for Each Other Transition Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to prepare leaders to transition to dss+ STOP® for Each Other. The workshop will help site management, including the safety manager, site dss+ STOP® administrator, and dss+ STOP® meeting leaders, enhance the effective implementation of the dss+ STOP® for Supervision program within the organization. The workshop is tailored to ensure that organizations get the best return on their dss+ STOP® investment and helps build a strong foundation for a dss+ STOP® rollout across the organization.

STOP® DataPro®

STOP® DataPro® is a secure web-based application and mobile app that makes it easy to record and analyze safety performance data gathered through safety observations. The insights derived from STOP® DataPro® provide actionable knowledge that can help lead to better workplace safety decisions and improved safety and operational performance.

Benefits of STOP® DataPro®:

  • Access rapid feedback on the observation through automatic integration of safety observation data into reports
  • Improve awareness of workplace safety issues
  • Trend observation and corrective actions help prevent potential injuries
  • Dashboards make it easier to visualize and make decisions based on the data
  • Mobile app allows for capture of observation data with or without a WiFi or cellular connection

"STOP® DataPro® has been a welcome shift in both simplifying and standardizing how we track and share our safety data. No more trying to read handwritten cards or gather up information last minute from multiple shifts at multiple locations. Timesaving, efficient, professional and tech-savvy are words that immediately come to mind in describing our experience. We’ve been able to customize STOP® DataPro® to suit our needs (adding specific equipment for example) and find that it’s helped open up perspectives, generate more positive conversations and has improved our ability to have focused safety talks."

– Adrian Khan, Director of EHS and Security, Mother Parker Tea and Coffee