Starting the journey towards improved carbon impact and greater sustainability at Eurostampa

Published on Feb 2, 2023

Eurostampa engaged the dss+ team to perform a materiality assessment, help produce their first sustainability report and guide the company towards emissions reduction.

dss+ Approach
First, dss+ consultants performed a life cycle analysis to outline processes and recognise the most relevant impacts.

Next, key employees and clients participated in the development of a materiality analysis. This allowed us to identify and prioritise the most significant internal and external issues impacting the organisation and create a materiality matrix.

The sustainability report, including the materiality matrix, was presented at a stakeholder event dedicated to highlighting the company’s efforts.

The dss+ team have continued to work with Eurostampa on a strategic roadmap to reduce their emissions.

Perform a materiality assessment, create a sustainability report and develop a roadmap for emissions reduction.

Sustainability consulting and communications.

The materiality assessment identified 11 sustainability issues of significant importance and helped prioritise topics for action.

The company’s first sustainability report was published for 2021.