dss+ Safety Perception Survey Brochure

Published on Jun 1, 2021

Identifying leading indicators to help avoid injuries before they occur

At dss+, we believe the key to safety is understanding what is driving your safety performance, evaluating progress through measurement and driving continuous improvement so that safety is the number one priority of every employee.

The dss+ Safety Perception Survey™ (SPS) was designed to capture perceptions and attitudes toward safety held by a wide cross-section of hourly workers, professionals, supervisors and managers within an organisation. We have applied our 200 years of experience and our knowledge of data science and organisational psychology to build a diagnostic solution that:

  • Allows you to uncover employee perception gaps across job roles, and other demographic information such as location, division, tenure, etc.
  • Helps you better understand the strength of your organisational culture across teams and demographics.
  • Benchmarks your results against global benchmark data to track and improve your safety performance.

Benefits of dss+ Safety Perception Survey

  • Helps you measure and monitor your safety culture using leading indicators.
  • Provides data and analytics to help identify potential areas of risks so you can proactively mitigate against them.
  • Involves everyone in safety and helps you understand the safety culture of your organisation.
  • Allows easy access to results through the dss+ MIRA™ analytics platform to help engage your organisation.
  • Reassess and benchmark your performance every 2-3 years to monitor and inform action plans.
  • Provides the ability to track and measure progress of multiple surveys.
  • Available in 60+ languages.

The summary results are plotted on the dss+ Bradley Curve™ which provide a more strategic perspective on your organisation’s safety culture.

Benchmarking world-class safety performance

Through a 24-question survey, dss+ measures an organisation’s safety culture across three elements of safety management: Leadership, Process & Actions, and Structure. The SPS results give organisations insights to help identify improvement opportunities and provide benchmark data to companies by industry.

The dss+ Safety Perception Survey is a powerful tool that assesses and works as a catalyst for safety culture improvement during any phase of your company’s journey to world-class safety. dss+ consultants will work with you to prepare the survey, analyse the results and develop an implementation plan to revitalise your existing safety program across all levels of the organisation.


The dss+ Bradley Curve

The dss+ Bradley Curve enables organisations to understand and benchmark their journey toward world-class safety performance. It identifies four stages of cultural safety maturity: Reactive, Dependent, Independent and Interdependent (see Figure 1).

In a mature safety culture (interdependence), safety is truly sustainable, with injury rates approaching zero. People feel empowered to act as needed to work safely. They support and challenge each other. Decisions are made at the appropriate level and people live by those decisions. The organisation realizes significant business benefits through higher quality, greater productivity and increased profits.

The dss+ Safety Perception Survey database has more than 2 million responses covering a vast set of industries, across 45 countries, and more than 10,000 locations. The results from your survey are plotted on the dss+ Bradley Curve with comparisons to your selected industry.

With this information, you will have a data driven business case which identifies the key opportunities for your organisation to make changes to improve performance.

ar-sps-results-on bradley-.jpg

dss+ MIRA platform to access data, results and personalized insights

The enhanced version of the SPS includes a customised portal on the dss+ MIRA platform to provide easy access to survey results and place survey results into the hands of your safety team. Additional benefits include:

  • Results organized into three key strategic themes (Leadership, Processes & Actions, Structure)
  • Detailed comparisons for each question with online interactive capability
  • Color-coded analysis to identify areas of strength or weakness compared to industry peers and benchmark best for each question
  • Breakdown of responses by role, including proprietary score using Relative Culture Strength (RCS) to compare to benchmark best
  • Results available across job roles and other demographic information included in the survey
  • Drive knowledge transfer and collaboration inside your organisation
  • Identify areas of concern and pockets of success from employee comments
  • New Alignment Graph indicating strength of alignment between roles.

The summary results are plotted on The dss+ Bradley Curve which provides a more strategic perspective of your safety culture.

Safety benchmarking to give you a competitive advantage

The dss+ Safety Perception Survey with a new portal on the dss+ MIRA platform provides the information you need to identify potential areas of concern BEFORE they lead to an incident. It enables you to leverage the expertise you have both inside and outside your organisation to effectively manage risk and improve your safety culture.

Expertise that delivers sustainable business success

dss+, is a leading provider of world-class operations management consulting services to help organisations transform and optimize their processes, technologies and capabilities. dss+ is committed to improving the safety, productivity and sustainability of organisations around the world.

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