Industry Applied Solutions

For all of our industry applied work, we focus on some key principals:

Impact driven
We meet our clients where they are on their journey and deliver outcomes to maintain momentum.

Participatory processes
We use collaborative, stakeholder led processes to bring robust ideas and build buy-in.

Data and science driven
Our feasibility and opportunity assessments, diagnosis, surveys are based on balance of policy, economic, environmental and technical and business criteria.

Monitoring and evaluation
We develop robust and pragmatic performance metrics and reporting to help drive and maintain focus on impact and performance improvement.

Capacity building
For all our engagements we support the journey through training, coaching, and working side by side. If you’re in the Metals and Mining industry, for instance, you’re likely facing a unique set of challenges from meeting the supply of critical metals and rare piles of earth to reducing your operating costs and striving for reduced emissions. This is not something you need to face alone.

dss+ we can support you as you respond to these pressures and divest, achieve operational excellence and deliver Net Zero by 2050. Similarly, if you’re ready to explore what the circular economy means for your team, your company, or your industry, our team can explore value retention processes (think “reduce, reuse, recycle” or upcycling) or innovative business models most adapted to your specific context while leveraging decades of experience in the field.

What industry-applied solutions and value mean in practice

We offer industry-specific experience and insight, local market knowledge and deep technical know-how. Our teams understand your issues and provide pragmatic support for the day-to-day challenges alongside the strategic decisions.

Featured case studies

We’ve developed industry best practices and created many of our own proprietary solutions to get our clients to the cutting edge – and keep them there.

Meet the team

Explore the background and specialties of the experts who’ll be working with you. 

Federico Magalini
UK & Ireland Sustainability Market Lead
Federico, UK & Ireland Sustainability Market Lead at dss+, has background in Mechanical Engineer, and holds a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. In the past 15 years he focused his research and consultancy on e-waste management and industrial eco-efficiency. Federico has been working or coordinated several studies for EU Commission on e-waste and focused in the last 5 years on capacity building activities in developing countries, working with various UN agencies and developing training programs for policymakers and entrepreneurs.
Alban Bitz
Director, dss+
As a Switzerland Director, Alban specialises in strategic decarbonisation journeys, particularly  ESG reporting, implementation and monitoring of sustainable development policies, energy efficiency, stakeholder and system management. Alban spent 10 years in the industry sector as R&D engineer and then Head of sustainability. For the last 10 years he is helping his clients in their sustainability strategy through consulting services.
David Rochat
EMEA Director of Sustainability Services
Senior executive with vast experience in designing and leading the implementation of sustainability management in organisations and providing advisory services to businesses facing environmental legal compliance challenges.
Ankit Kapasi
India Sustainability Market Lead
Ankit Kapasi is a seasoned Environmental Practitioner with 20+ years of experience, spearheading the implementation of sustainability solutions for businesses worldwide. His expertise spans diverse domains such as resource efficiency, waste management, cleaner production, industrial symbiosis, energy management, and eco-industrial parks (EIPs), among others. Ankit's career has seen him successfully leading the delivery of transformative environmental initiatives to companies of all sizes, transcending geographical boundaries, aimed at creating an impact with his work. 
Anne Verniquet
Europe Sustainability Snr. Consultant: Agriculture, Food and Beverage
Brings methodologies and triple bottom line mindset to designing business models for long-term sustainability, looking for increased economic added value, minimised environmental impact, and collaborative innovation.