Implementing the Pledge on Food Waste at Lux Le Morne

Published on Apr 29, 2022

Driving food waste reduction in the hospitality sector


dss+ partnered with the Pledge on Food Waste to support the hospitality industry in food waste reduction.

The Pledge on Food Waste is a 3rd-party certification and benchmarking system designed to reduce food waste, save on costs and nurture the local ecosystem of solution providers.

dss+ supports the implementation of the Pledge by:

  • Setting-up processes and documentation;
  • Engaging both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Implementing a food waste monitoring system; and
  • Defining KPIs and supporting tracking and quantification of benefits and progress.

dss+ Approach

  • In 2021, we supported the implementation of the Pledge on Food Waste of the Lux Le Morne, a 5-star luxury hotel, as part of a wider project in Mauritius.
  • We offered technical and project management support, as well as communications and environmental assessment of benefits.
  • Lux is expecting to obtain the All-Star certification, the highest score possible.


Develop and implement processes to benchmark, certify, monitor and measure third-party waste reduction.


Circular economy and eco-design.


  • Lux was empowered with an efficient process, from project management, to reporting, engaging the right stakeholders, and technical support.
  • A clear understanding of where and why food is wasted. Lux has implemented a continuous food waste monitoring system and data analysis.
  • Lux can track KPIs of economic benefits and carbon emissions, essential to communicate success and encourage further action.
  • Engagement of employees through training and awareness raising, customers and wider solution providers as key enablers of the successful implementation.