E-commerce circular economy and ESG compliance

Published on Feb 21, 2022

Advancing circular economy and environmental compliance at leading tech company


Our client - a global leader in the tech industry focused on e-commerce, cloud computing and digital streaming - sought support from Sofies Group, now part of dss+, to assess the efficacy of its circular economy strategy, to ensure alignment with current EU regulatory frameworks and to develop and implement a Simplified Compliance Model (SCM) to ensure Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance of the sellers on their platform.

dss+ Approach

For the circular economy strategy assessment, Sofies supported the client in conducting an internal review of the sustainability ambitions by engaging with numerous internal and external stakeholders. This led to the identification of several opportunities and risks related to key policy initiatives.

In addition, we created an in-depth report outlining the regulatory context and mapping the various policy elements against the sustainability ambitions to highlight how these could complement each other best.

Our experts worked hand in hand with the client's internal EPR team where they assisted with stakeholder outreach, engagement and alliance building (particularly in France and Italy) as well as development of an advocacy strategy and monitoring of regulatory developments.