dss+ Risk Factor™

Published: 2021

dss+ new personal risk awareness solution applies the latest research in neuroscience and decision making.


Risk. It's all around us.


Every organization is on a safety maturity curve, striving toward improved risk management and safety performance. To guide us along the journey and move us forward, we develop rules and regulations, implement processes and procedures, create safeguards and deliver training. Despite all of the systems, equipment and training, we are still willing to take risks .


Why do we take unnecessary risk?


The answers lie in our motivations, our mindsets, and even, in our emotions. New research in the areas of neuroscience and affective psychology details the role that feelings and emotions play in our decision-making process. This research suggests that we make thousands of decisions every day – including risk-based decisions. Up to 90 percent are made automatically and intuitively and are reinforced through feelings and emotions.


Elevating safety affectively.


Risk Factor applies this new research to help organizations systematically improve the safety and well-being of their employees. This innovative personal safety awareness program helps workers elevate their awareness and reduce unsafe decisions and behaviors by making conscious, deliberate choices when it comes to risk. 


Risk Factor consists of four modules: Own It! Choose It! Change It! and Champion It! These modules work together to build a better understanding of human motivational factors and the subsequent impact on the decision-making process.