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Betül Susamis Unaran: Drive for Transformation
Betül Susamis Unaran, Chief Commercial Officer at Unilabs, is talking to dss+ about her drive to transform healthcare and making a difference.
Leaders Making a Difference
International Women’s Day (IWD) edition, 2024 As a part of our Leaders Making a Difference interview series, every March and into April, dss+ draws special focus on women leaders from around the globe...
Improving Transit Safety
ADS System Safety Consulting, a dss+ company, created a comprehensive fire/life safety inspection program for WMATA to assess its transit network.
Space: The Final Frontier For Safety
ADS System Safety Consulting, a dss+ company, provided critical experts for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center who managed potential risks for missions.
Reducing Risks of a Battery-Powered Transit Fleet
ADS System Safety Consulting, a dss+ company, established a risk-based safety program to address MTA’s regulatory compliance and risk analysis needs.
Transporting Fire/Life Safety to the Future
ADS System Safety Consulting, a dss+ company, were selected by BART to assist the agency in establishing its Fire/Life Safety (FLS) department.
Implementing circularity and climate-smart practices
The SeCompetitivo Programme aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Peruvian private sector focusing on strengthening agri-food value chains.
Adapting capital projects frameworks to suit new energy
Traditional capex frameworks difficultly adapt to new energy investments. An alternative, user-centric path bears more effective results.
Empowering safety transformation from the shop floor
Gonvarri, a global leader in steel and aluminum, wanted to enhance its safety culture by actively engaging all the company levels from the shop floor.
dss+ 2023 Results
dss+ performance & growth in 2023. With a glimpse of what was achieved in 2023 - externally with clients and internally within the organisation.
Sustainable Operations as a path to value creation
A shift in waste and recycling operations through proactive risk mitigation is driving the path to value creation.
Mining For Long-Term Value
A global mining company introducing a new $30 billion division needed support evolving its production system to the reality of the new business.
Energy efficiency audit and tailored reduction roadmap
ILLVA Saronno embarked on a sustainability journey, focusing on measuring its environmental impact and formulating a strategic approach.
Scoping environmental performance for a special economic zone
A dss+ client sought assistance to evaluate and develop circularity concepts for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) focused on electronics manufacturing.
Sustainability Driven: KPIs for the Tire Sector 2019-2022
The last report created by The Tire Industry Project (TIP) and dss⁺ expands on TIP's members' sustainability performance, covering KPIs beyond manufacturing.
How one Company Transformed its Safety Culture
An industry-leading manufacturer of premium tubular solutions company wanted to develop a more robust governance regarding safety performance.
How to Enter a Safety Observation
This video will help you and your team use the dss+ STOP® Safety Observation Checklist appropriately when conducting your STOP® safety observations.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Manufacturer seeks to assess Risks
A private equity owned global manufacturer of API sought guidance to identify process safety risks across key locations.
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How to share a Project Code
Share the Project Code so that we could check on it. Here’s how to get the Project Code: ➊ Click Application Menu and select Export ➋ Select “Send a Copy to Another dominKnow | ONE ➌ Copy the generate...
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Environmental Health & Safety eLearning Curriculum Help organization reduce safety incidents, stay in compliance and transform safety culture. Download Curriculum Download Courseware Descriptions Huma...
Building a risk-resilient culture at OCI
OCI Nitrogen is a leading ammonia, fertilisers and nitrogen solutions provider. OCI wanted to strengthen its shop floor risk awareness and engage its employees.
CSRD: The challenges for companies and how to overcome them
While the CSRD represents a significant step in corporate sustainability reporting and accountability for Europe, it does create several challenges.
Mobilising leadership around a safety improvement journey
This piping solutions company sought assistance to assess safety culture maturity and employee perceptions, aiming to enhance safety at various levels.
Financing a Low-Carbon Economy
Climate change poses a significant 21st-century challenge, necessitating urgent action for a low-carbon transition.
Watts to Waste: Exploring India’s Solar Waste Landscape
Dive into a report on India's Solar Waste Landscape–a critical exploration of end-of-life management and sustainable solutions in the evolving solar industry.
Expert view: Process Safety Management in Mining and Metals
We sat down with Alfredo Verna, an expert in Process Safety Management, to understand how it is evolving in the space of Mining and Metals.
Can we create the perfect food?
New dss⁺ book urges the food industry to transform and rebuild for a sustainable future.
dss+ Names Alistair Cox as New Board Chair
dss⁺ announces the appointment of Alistair R. Cox, an experienced board leader and former corporate chief executive, as its new chair of the board.
Why P&U senior leaders need to transform risk management
Why senior leaders in the power and utility sector need to rapidly transform their management of critical operational risks.
Effective Energy Management in Oil and Gas
Energy management is becoming strategic in the oil and gas industry. What are the considerations to drive operational excellence in this area?
KPIs to drive behaviour and organisational performance
A robust performance management system requires the integration of various elements, with KPIs being a key component.
Developing positive safety leadership maturity
Wavin, a plastic pipes manufacturer, decided to level up its positive safety management and develop a safety culture.
Transformation to build a strong safety culture
Beauparc, a waste management, recycling and treatment company, experienced a rise in serious incidents. dss⁺ proposed a roadmap to reduce the risk profile.
Owning a safe physical and mental environment
APTAR Beauty, a top-tier packaging solutions provider, aimed to engage the managerial team in enhancing safety behaviours.
dss+ Training Materials
dss+ Handbooks Browse handbooks by categories Bloodborne Pathogens Electrical Safety Environmental Training Ergonomics/Back Safety Forklift/Crane Safety General Safety Hazard Communication Hazardous E...
Sustainability for Oil and Gas
Podcast Good things happen when rich scientific capabilities meet decades of industrial expertise. Melissa Barrett, our Global Sustainability Services & Corporate Impact Director, chats with David Roc...
dss+ Establishes Impact Advisory Board to Accelerate and Amplify Impact
The Impact Advisory Board (IAB) provides guidance to dss+ on business model development, innovation, risk management and impact maximisation.
Operational Excellence for Oil & Gas
Impact Advisory Board
The Impact Advisory Board (IAB) provides guidance to dss⁺ on business model development, innovation, risk management and impact maximisation. The IAB operates in an advisory capacity and does not hold...
Industry brief on the ICMM's scope 3 emissions guidance
International Council of Mining and Metals members are now required to report on their scope 3 emissions. What do their guidelines say?
How a Mining Company Reduced Regulatory Risk
One of the largest mining companies in the world needed to conduct a Legislative Audit that would ensure it was meeting all government compliance standards.
dominKnow Authoring Tool
Harnessing Operational Strategies as Catalysts Towards Sustainability & ESG Goals
Integrate ESG into operations for rapid sustainable success with Tata Steel, Vedanta, BASF, Unilever, and more.
Secure and sustainable supply of critical minerals
The WRF roundtable's cross-industry collaboration proposed initiatives for ethical sourcing, transparency, and supply security of critical raw materials.
Gold Mining Company Achieves “Solid Gold” via Enhanced Mill Maintenance Practices.
A gold mining company engaged dss+ in 2022 to conduct a rapid assessment of maintenance maturity in the Mill area and to develop an improvement roadmap.