dss+ Risk Factorâ„¢ Brochure

Published on Aug 1, 2021

A transformational solution designed to expand our understanding of risk

Building on recent discoveries in neuroscience, dss+ Risk Factor™ is a transformational safety awareness solution that leverages our brain's ability to recognize contributing factors that increase risk levels and threaten our safety or the safety of others. The program provides a systematic, sustainable approach to not only increase risk awareness, but to touch hearts and change mindsets, significantly reducing levels of risk taking and helping prevent safety incidents.


Neuroscience tells us that we make 85 to 90 percent of our decisions based on feelings and emotions.

Next-Level Safety Awareness Training

The dss+ Risk Factor™ program consists of five modules that help build a better understanding of human motivational factors and their impact on the decision-making process that supports a stronger safety culture.


Own It explores the "What" — What are the different risks and risk factors that threaten our safety and the safety of others? Participants look at how we make decisions that increase the frequency and level of unnecessary risk both on and off the job, and awareness of conscious and subconscious decisions that can shift levels of risk exposure.


Choose It investigates the "Why" — Why do we sometimes choose to take risk or overlook risk factors that put ourselves and others at risk? This modules goes deeper into the attitudes, feelings and emotions that drive our decisions and examines how "auto-pilot" decisions and behaviors significantly increase levels of risk.


Change It examines the "How" — How do we change our decisions and behaviors to reduce levels of risk? Participants look at the decision-making process and how to implement a systematic approach to consciously identify risk factors and take action to reduce risk exposure.


Champion It, addresses the "Who" — Besides ourselves, who are the people that can help reduce levels of risk? This module builds on the ability to apply the principles of Risk Factor,Increase using elements of compelling communication and engaging in authentic Risk Factor Conversations to help reduce levels of unnecessary risk.


Sustain It guides Leaders and Front — Line Supervisors in implementation and sustaining Risk Factor principles and practices across their organization. This module focuses on inspiring ownership of personal safety and creating a sustainable action plan to increase risk awareness, reduce safety incidents and build a stronger culture of safety.

Why choose the Risk Factor?

  • Improves personal accountability for safety by helping employees understand how they interpret and respond to the world around them
  • Addresses the human element, helping identify and influence how individuals feel and act when it comes to risk
  • Provides the tools to help your employees to follow safe work practices, make safer decisions and elevate safety performance to the next level

Who is Risk Factor right for?

  • Organizations looking to improve the safety performance of their employees
  • Organizations interested in elevating the performance of individual work groups
  • Organizations with distributed workforces
  • Organizations looking to move their safety culture from a state of dependence to independence

Risk Factor Implementation to Workforce

Risk Factor implementation works through classroom or virtual delivery by dss+ to leaders, frontline supervisors and/or your organization's sustainability committee. Online refresher training is available to keep your workforce engaged and involved in maintaining an ongoing commitment to safety and risk awareness.


Program materials include

  • Core Training Module PPTs
  • Participant Workbook*
  • Risk Factor Conversation Cards*
  • Risk Factor Reference Guide

Additional Offerings

  • Train-the-Trainer with Leader's Guide*
  • eLearning full-length and micro courses

* Interactive or printed versions available

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