Operational Efficiency Digitalised: A Permit to Work Solution

Published on Apr 23, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of integrated logistics,the pursuit of operational excellence is paramount and the traditional Permit to Work (PTW) processes often pose significant challenges. Our client, a leading logistics company in India, faced hurdles in maintaining compliance, ensuring safety, and managing historical records due to outdated manual systems. These challenges not only hindered efficiency but also posed risks to personnel safety and operational integrity.


Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, our digital team in India adopted a proactive stance. Instead of merely presenting a solution, we delved into the core operational challenges and through collaborative consultation, we identified opportunities to modernize PTW processes, enhance safety analytics, and streamline workflows. Leveraging digital technologies, we developed a holistic solution aimed at driving tangible result.



The dss+ team spearheaded the implementation of a comprehensive Permit-to-Work (PTW) Solution, encompassing both web and mobile platforms, along with advanced data analytics capabilities.

Our collaboration focused on digitalizing an integrated risk-based Permit-to-Work (PTW) solution, coupled with effective monitoring tools for top management to ensure compliance.

Through in-depth consultation and customized training, we equipped the client with the necessary knowledge and tools for enduring change. This collaborative endeavour served as the cornerstone for a successful digital transformation journey.



The offering went beyond conventional digital solutions; it represented a paradigm shift in operational management. By standardizing workflows, integrating risk assessments, and enhancing reporting mechanisms, we enabled our client to embrace a culture of operational excellence.

Our dynamic platform provided real-time insights, empowering stakeholders at all levels to make informed decisions. With user-friendly interfaces and robust analytics capabilities, our offering revolutionized the way PTW processes were managed.



  • Permit Approval Rates soared to unprecedented levels, exceeding 93%.
  • Approval cycle times plummeted:
    • 75% of permits approved within 23 minutes.
    • Over 50% approved within 12 minutes.
  • Time savings of more than 50% were achieved, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced safety practices and compliance measures fostered a culture of accountability and operational integrity.
  • Tangible improvements in efficiency, safety, and overall performance positioned the client as leaders in the competitive logistics landscape.
  • Implementation of a risk based PTW approach empowered on-site staff to verify the proper adherence to control measures of specific high risks.
  • Accessing integrated Risk Assessments (RAs) allowed for prompt observation of implemented controls, eliminating the need for reviewing emails, Excel files, and other processes, thereby saving significant time.

Meet the team

Neeraj K Singh
Principal, dss+
With over 22 years of global experience working with Fortune 500 companies across Europe, the US, and Asia, Neeraj K Singh brings a wealth of expertise to dss+. He specializes in managing risks and guiding clients towards sustainable and resilient operations through digital transformation. Neeraj's proficiency lies in Sustainable Operations, Risk Management, and Safety, all underpinned by a digital-first approach. He offers extensive counsel on industry 4.0 and 5.0, focusing on building operations that are both sustainable and resilient, utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies such as AI, ML, data analytics, the Internet of Things, AR, and VR.
Ankur Gupta
Manager – Digital dss+
With more than 12 years of experience, this seasoned Digital Transformation Specialist and Consultant has led "end-to-end digital transformations" across a wide range of sectors such as Healthcare, Government, Corporate Affairs, Water Management, Urban Development, Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, and more. His skill set blends digital consulting, product implementation, and strong proficiency in data analytics.