Safety as a Building Block for Success

A transformation in safety culture at Rain Carbon starting in Germany

Published: 2020

Ask Rain Carbon Inc., global carbon-based raw materials company, about its investments to achieve safety excellence, and you are likely to get an answer like the one given by Massimiliano Martino, Rain Carbon’s Vice President Global Safety, Health and Environment: “To be successful, Rain Carbon has to be a world-class performer in safety. We cannot compromise when it comes to safety and to move forward, we can only go as fast as our progress in our safety programs and activities. Our Total Recordable Injury Rate is currently below 0.4, which is a great achievement, but we can only be satisfied with zero incidents. For that, we have put in place stringent programs and KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor and reduce all types of incidents. We need to do our best to safeguard communities, employees and the environment to be able to deliver on our commitments as a responsible company. Safety is one of our building blocks for success, and it will allow us to increase our productivity, operational discipline and add value to reach a true organic growth.”

Under the direction of Dr. Günther Weymans, Executive Vice President Carbon Distillation and Advanced Materials, Rain Carbon determined in 2016 that its facilities around the world needed to build a more mature and sustainable safety culture. The company sought assistance from a safety and operations management consultancy with significant experience in the chemical industry: dss+. This article describes the beginning of Rain Carbon’s journey to become an incident-free organization.