Published on Jul 17, 2021

Improving Safety Culture and Systems



dss+ conducted independent assessments of the safety culture at Sucden production sites in Russia and developed quick wins to reinforce and improve the safety culture at the company.

  1. Assessment: dss+ experts deployed an online survey, the dss+ Safety Perception Survey, to measure the safety culture of more than 1000 employees at different levels of the organization: workers, specialists and managers. To assess how the safety management system performed, the dss+ team visited sites and also used digital technology (e.g. smart helmets) for remote assessments which provided the opportunity to quickly identify key areas for further safety improvement.

  2. Engagement: Before the assessment, the dss+ team together with the Board members of Sucden, defined the key expectations and proposed an approach for the assessments. Based on the assessment results, a strategic session was held with the Russian sites' leaders and became a starting point for the effective implementation of dss+ recommendations. The quality of the results achieved was based on the high level of commitment and engagement of Sucden management.

Design of change: The dss+ team launched several new management processes in HSE, including root cause analysis of accidents and effective communication of safety across the whole company. These changes helped avoid repetitive accidents and increased employee awareness that all accidents can be prevented.