How To Get the Most Out of Your LMS

Published on Aug 18, 2023

A LMS that is not meeting your needs and a disengaged workforce will create a gap in learning. But what if your LMS closed those gaps and served your organization more effectively than it is today?

Here’s what you should expect from your LMS today:

  • The ability to create, schedule, and track learning events to ensure a fully blended learning experience for your employees.
  • Customizable content libraries so you can guide employees to the specific training they need.
  • Built-in course creation, which allows leaders to customize materials to fit organizational needs.
  • Reporting, assessment, survey, and analytics tools that make it easy to track learners, monitor progress, and celebrate success.
  • Social learning experiences and gamification through achievements, badges, and leaderboards, which generates excitement among learners.
  • An extensive library of APIs that connect applications across your ecosystem for a seamless, fully integrated experience.
  • The highest level of cybersecurity so your workers, and your organization, are protected.

The dss+ LMS Does That and More

Luckily, the dss+ LMS powered by Litmos offers the latest in LMS technology. Not only that, but it also features an award winning content library of 800-plus titles in safety, HR/compliance, maintenance, reliability, and more. The topics are always current, which allows you to be a step ahead. Recent examples include:

Introduction to Robotics Part 1 & 2. This 50-minute course introduces learners to the basic components, functions and programming principles used in working safely with industrial robots so your workers can work with all robots, regardless of model or manufacturer.

Slips, Trips, and Falls. A 20-minute course that informs learners about where slips, trips, and falls are most likely to occur and provides the information to avoid, minimize, and ideally eliminate these hazards. Topics include hazard awareness, understanding the causes of these incidents, and how to prevent them.

Active Shooter Preparedness. Running just 10 minutes, this course gives your workers the important information necessary to prepare for and prevent one of these incidents, as well as how to best respond if it occurs.

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The eLearning content offered by dss+ is comprehensive. No matter your industry, and no matter your challenge, the extensive library that dss+ offers will support any global initiative involving safety, maintenance, reliability, and human resources. What makes our library unique is that:

  • It leverages first-hand experience from experts in the field who have the technical expertise and creativity to change behaviors, save lives, and improve performance.
  • It is customizable, which will help address operational gaps that, once filled, will help drive critical business results.
  • It is designed to drive sustainable organizational change, not checklist remedies, which is the ultimate way to change your safety culture.

Contact dss+ for more information. Learn how you can tailor your LMS for your organization and in doing so, expand your capabilities far beyond what you thought was possible.