Published on Jun 14, 2020

Improving Risk Awareness at GWF


George Weston Foods (GWF) is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest food manufacturers, employing 6,000 people across 40 sites. GWF produces a diverse range of products with well-known brands such as Yumi’s, DON, Tip Top and Mauri. GWF was experiencing a plateau in safety performance. The client understood the importance of involving leadership and identifying risk champions to help better mitigate risk to employees and processes. GWF engaged dss+ to help improve safety performance company-wide through a focus on safety culture improvement.


dss+ began by assessing the current safety culture maturity and safety leadership skills within GWF. Through multi-site safety perception assessments, an understanding of leaders' Values, Attitudes and Beliefs and a review of the linkage between safety management systems and culture, the dss+ team worked with GWF and:

  • Developed a three-year strategy for safety performance improvements through culture maturity growth.
  • Trained and coached senior leaders in safety leadership and employee engagement.
  • Identified and trained Risk Champions to increase awareness of and better mitigate risks within the company.
  • Coached governance teams in how to drive change throughout the organization.